Many of us choose to work out at home or outdoors rather than in a gym, either empirically following a program or watching a video from the internet, depending on the workout that suits us. Adding fun activities can make our individual workouts more enjoyable and give us motivation to set goals and stay motivated. How can you make training more fun? With some exercise equipment, from rope to rollers! Below we have some suggestions for you to enjoy your training more.

Exercise bands and pilates rings are of course classic home workout aids, but we've listed some other fun equipment for variety and fun!


FeetUp is a wooden frame, with a pad that supports the shoulders. It is an instrument that will help you in yoga and in strengthening your trunk. It is extremely helpful for yoga inversions, building strength, flexibility and balance, without stressing the neck and spine.


The classic jump rope, which we have been playing since we were children, is one of the best instruments for fun training. It is a cardiovascular exercise that helps coordination and movement, tones all the muscles of the body, increases the body's circulation, while burning fat.


Roller skates burn about 250 calories every 30 minutes, while at the same time toning your thighs, glutes and strengthening your core, as you use your arms and shoulders to get momentum, rotating your upper body. It is training that contributes to the strengthening and tightening of your muscles and improves your balance. What is not widely known is that it is a training that burdens the joints much less than running for example. And she really is so much fun! Don't forget knee and elbow pads


Why have we put the acupuncture mattress on this list? But why is it an amazing tool for physical recovery after training. It is an effective tool for relaxing tension, tight muscles while it has benefits in blood circulation, relieves headaches, stress and relaxes the body. Acupuncture mats work much like acupuncture: small needles apply pressure to the body, helping it to release endorphins and oxytocin, thus providing a sense of joy and happiness, energy and relief. Just let go of the pressure it exerts on your body, you will feel the heat, relaxing the muscles and body and supporting physical recovery.


OK, clothing isn't exactly 'equipment', but it's a great investment for personal training at home. There are training clothes that, with their composition, help the training and make it more effective, offering the appropriate compression and ensuring low vibration and muscle tension. The compression technology shapes your waist and the pressure activates and tones your glutes and thighs. At iToocan you can find many such clothes with a perfect fit

Whatever type of workout you choose, whatever equipment you have to help or make it more fun, don't forget to take some time to stretch for at least 30-40 seconds at the end of each workout.

If you have ideas to complete our list, we'd be happy to send them to us!

- iToocan Team

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-Main Photo by Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash