About Us

Our Story.

With our motto "All bodies are great through their diversity", we have created iToocan to support workout for every woman's body.

At iToocan we create premium Brazilian Sportswear, Athleisure and Beachwear that:

- Highlight every female body type

- Support uniqueness and originality

- Help women both workout and cope with the demands of everyday life in comfort and style

We always choose high quality, environmentally friendly raw materials, emphasizing on a sense of social and environmental responsibility, mutual support, coexistence and well- being, on personal and social level.

We address the modern woman who is dynamic, unique, independent, charming and true to herself, each in her own special way.

We are all unique and therefore priceless!

Our Philosophy

We believe in creativity, high aesthetics, self-confidence and good energy that comes from within.

We believe in beauty of all body types and in workout as fun, health and happiness.

Healthy is the new sexy!

We believe in cooperation, mutual support, coexistence and well-being, both on a personal and social level.

We is the new Me!

We support a healthy working environment and provide our executives with ethical salaries.

A product must be the creation of happy people!

We stand for entrepreneurship as a means of social change.

Business as a vehicle for social change!

Our Products


We create iToocan products focusing on quality raw materials that can create a flawless style. We produce unique pieces that blend harmoniously with a healthy lifestyle so that the woman who wears them feels comfortable and elegant in them. Feeling she is the best version of herself. We won't settle for anything less.


We seek and bring for you unique and special companies such as CAJUBRASIL and ROLAMOCA, Brazilian premium fitness fashion brands, known worldwide for their exceptional quality. The products are chosen for their unique design, their unique prints, innovative fabric technology, and their amazing fit for all body types and ages.


As a company we promote fitness culture and well-being not only through our products and our philosophy, but also through organizing actions and events, as well as through the creation of a COMMUNITY. TOGETHER WE CREATE a community that inspires, builds bridges, informs, supports, organizes, cooperates, coordinates, has fun, lives and acts!