The diet culture is related to the perception that the smaller our body is, the smaller size we wear in clothes, the more we value ourselves. We essentially relate our worth based on our appearance or body shape. Most of us, if not all, have been influenced by diet culture or felt that we are not good enough. This is a perception you need to get rid of! Your well-being and health come first, and those should be your priorities in self-care, not a number on the scale or a size smaller in clothes. Begin reversing this perception by first identifying where and how it has appeared in your life, and then work with yourself to reclaim your power over nutrition. Food is just food. It gives us energy, it makes us feel better sometimes, it's a treat. It is neither "good" nor "bad". It's a subtle but huge difference in mindset, and choosing to love your body as it is will change you and empower you.


You are not your body, you have a body! It's yours to take care of and when you realize that, things will change. When you realize that you are not defined by your body and relate yourself to it, then you will make this relationship have all the qualities of a great relationship: Trust, Respect and Communication. How can you achieve this? Enter into a continuous conversation with your body every day. Listen to it and treat it like someone you love. This is a great step on the road to self-love.


The pursuit of perfection is the pursuit of an illusion. The fact that we even believe there is something out there "out there" that is perfect is exactly what is holding us back. Once you let go of that, something incredible happens... You can be yourself. Reminder: you'll never get a body you love by hating it. You'll only ever get a body you love by LOVING it, so stop telling yourself you'll only do that when you get to a certain weight or size. And if you've been putting off doing something in your life because your body isn't "perfect" yet, stop waiting. Get started NOW. When you let go of this idea of perfection, you can finally begin to embrace who you really are.


Emotional overeating, whether mild or pathological, is a way of suppressing an emotion we don't want to feel. A bad day at work, a difficult period in your relationship is the equivalent of a chocolate without even realizing it. It is a trick, a temporary comfort and a distraction from the problem and its causes. But instead of trying to 'eat' your feeling, allow yourself to feel, really feel, don't blame your feeling and don't try to justify it. Try to see the real reason for your behavior and when you can practice to really feel your emotions, you will see that it is not necessary to consume a kilo of ice cream.


The culture of success has become associated with happiness - for reasons beyond the scope of this article. Happiness now looks like a destination that we have to reach by running, with a number that we have to achieve, with the result that we either never 'get' there or when we do, we don't feel happy. Why? Because happiness is always within us, it is not tied to an achievement or numbers. All we need is to choose it.

- iToocan Team