The choice of clothes for your workouts depends on several factors. The most basic is of course comfort, as it is extremely unpleasant to feel discomfort due to clothes during exercise. Equally important factor in choosing clothes is the type of workout, as well as feeling beautiful and stylish. Below we have prepared a list of clothing suggestions depending on the exercise you choose each time!


You definitely need comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement. It is best not to wear loose clothes, such as a t-shirt for example, as during the exercises parts of your body will be exposed but mainly they will bother you. What's more annoying than a top that rides up on your head when you're doing exercises when your torso should be down! So we suggest some comfortable leggings that will not be transparent, so that you feel comfortable combined with a bustier:

or some bodysuit:

If you're not a leggings type, we recommend pants made of soft stretch fabric with loose elastic at the ankle


Think you'll sweat a lot! So a safe choice is very light clothes, with elasticity, that allow the body to breathe, such as shorts, bustiers, cropped t-shirts and thin leggings. Fabrics that absorb sweat and keep your body temperature constant are the ones you should choose, as this way you will feel dry and cool. Another good thing to consider is that there is nothing that can disturb you during the exercises, such as a zipper.


Here, in addition to comfort, you also have to consider the weather conditions! What is certain is that you need light clothes that will help your movement and not hinder your performance. Usually the materials used in the production of running clothes are sophisticated nylon or polyester. In the hot months, these absorb sweat and keep the body dry, while in the cold they maintain the body temperature so you don't catch a cold. Many of them usually have perforated elements, which allow the skin to breathe.

Ideally, wear bras made of compression fabrics to ensure minimal bounce during movement:


Shorts and jackets with pockets:

Don't neglect sun protection, especially in the summer months! Wear the right shoes to avoid the vibrations, take your water and be ready!

Our experienced team can help you choose the essentials, either through our physical store or over the phone. We are here for you!

- iToocan Team