Trying to lose weight at any time can be difficult. And it's even harder during the holidays! It is a period with many celebrations, social gatherings where there is usually food and drink. So many times you get into the dilemma of continuing or stopping and starting again after the end of this period. But everything ultimately depends on your mood and situation!

For many of us, the right choice is to continue the diet for weight loss during the holidays, counting the positives in it:

- You will maintain your momentum. Starting over is hard and heartbreaking at times.

- You will achieve your goal sooner and faster

- You will prove to yourself that you have succeeded! The holidays, Christmas in this case, are a very difficult time to eat, but also a great opportunity to practice self-control and other skills. You should plan ahead for your food and dessert when you are going to an event, lunch or party. But if you succeed in such a period, then everything else will seem like a piece of cake to you!

So in this case, we have some tips to make it as easy as possible for you:

- Try not to feel deprived, as this can have the opposite effect and lead to overeating. So, if there is a dessert or a festive dish you want to try, don't deprive yourself of the pleasure, just use your measure.

- Feel full with protein. Whatever the occasion, find snacks high in protein, as it's the most satiating macronutrient. So you're less likely to overdo it with foods that don't match your effort.

- Never go somewhere hungry! Eat many healthy meals during your day and a small meal before you go out.

-Finally, remember that even if you overdo it, you don't blow it all up!

But there is also the other option, also correct, since as we said everything depends on you and on the situation you are in. So you may want to stop your diet, either because you have a lot of social obligations, or because you don't have time to cook, or because you simply associated the holidays with a specific diet:

- The temptations are many and you may find it too much to limit yourself during such a period.

- You can not continue your strict program, but aim to maintain your weight, without increasing it

- You may feel uncomfortable when at festive tables or parties you feel that you are the only one who is restricting yourself, it is something embarrassing for you.

So if you decide to take this break, below we have some tips so that you don't completely miss your goal:

- Stay active. This doesn't necessarily mean intensive training, but you can enjoy long walks with your family or friends to keep your body moving.

- Keep the rest of the meals the same, don't go completely out of sync. Remember your efforts.

-Eat and enjoy your meals mindfully. It's an easy way to avoid overeating, to stay present.

The most basic advice, however, is to remain in some balance, whatever choice you make. A healthy diet, whether it is aimed at weight loss or is a habit, includes the concept of balance both in the foods you choose and in the quantities! Don't forget to respect the limits of yourself and your body and be kind to yourself..

- iToocan Team

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash