During your work, whether it is in an office or somewhere else, you may find yourself stressed. Time is pressing, tasks must be completed and deadlines met. This pressure puts a strain on your mind and concentration, making you unable to perform, feeling nervous and unable to unwind. Mindfulness, as we've said before on this blog, can help you in many areas of your life, but it can also be a powerful tool during your work. It can help you stay focused, avoid allowing yourself to be present and not on autopilot, be there in a meaningful way and complete your day.

In addition, it can become the means to keep your mind in a calm state and be able to manage anxiety and stress away. Below, you can find some simple tips for practicing mindfulness in your workplace.

Beginning of the day

Start your day by spending ten minutes getting ready before starting your work. Simply stand in front of your desk, or anywhere depending on your workspace, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, breathing deeply. Try to block out the surrounding sounds and focus only on yourself, your presence and the connection of your physical body with your spiritual being. Don't feel pressured to start the day's tasks until you feel fully prepared to do so. The time you spend on yourself is very important.


A technique that you can employ at any time of the day is deep breathing in and out, thus clearing your mind and focusing on eliminating negative thoughts and feelings that may arise. Being aware of your breath can help you after a stressful interaction with a colleague, or just before starting a new job.

Self esteem

There are times when you may lose sight of your contribution to your workplace, feel undervalued, and as a result, your productivity drops. Mindfulness can help you recall the value of your work, express your appreciation to yourself. You can achieve this with a mini meditation. Just close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and think of an achievement within the company or a positive thing you have achieved for your career development. Try to relive that experience you're thinking about as accurately as possible, and then focus on how it all benefited you.

Compassionate mindfulness

Incorporating these acts of mindfulness into your day will not only help you become more relaxed and productive at work, but it can also help you be kinder and more compassionate to yourself.

You may find yourself wondering why you should be more compassionate with yourself. The answer here is that when you treat yourself with compassion, it thrives in other areas of your life.

You will find that when you do this, kindness comes more easily to those around you. To friends, family and even strangers. This kindness will soon be reflected in the way people treat you. And that's something we can all enjoy in the workplace!

We can never realize how much work stress takes a toll on us and these tips can help us realize it for a start. Whatever situation we are in, mindfulness affects our existence and brings us back to the present, the here and now!

- iToocan Team

Source: https://whateveryourdose.com/mindfulness-in-the-office/

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash