What is the golden recipe for happiness?

Is there a recipe that if you follow it you will feel even more happiness?

What you have surely heard is that happiness is a decision. And yes, it is. At the same time, happiness is a commitment.

Countless researches now, from well-known and serious institutions show that what we think makes us happier, in reality, does not work. They do not offer us this source of happiness, with duration.

For example, a promotion, a new car or house, more material goods, more money or excellent grades at school and university. All of these can, if we choose, act in addition to the very basic ingredients of happiness. But by themselves they only provide a temporary joy and after a while, you are back to the same state you were before.

So what is it that will really make you feel happy?

1. Discover your unique skills, your strengths and use them every day. (strong skills)

2. Good sleep. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

3. Meditate every day, visualize the things you aim for, the things that fill you and you in them.

4. Distinguish what is really important to you and focus on the goal.

5. Learn to manage negative thoughts.

6. Socializing, hanging out with people, talking to them and hearing their stories.

7. Gratitude! To generously share your gratitude, from the smallest to the largest. Acts of kindness and sharing gratitude, every day.

Try them and start living a full and meaningful life. As you choose it.

Elena Mouradidou

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